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"Flavia, the mirror walking Fae"

"The mirror walking Fae" are a concept of stories for different age groups and the number of stories that Flavia can tell is limitless. I invented this fantasy concept when I was 17 years old.

Flavia's book 6:
The sixth book will contain one of Flavia's stories for grown ups. Stay tuned for more info!
Flavia's books 1-5:
Books one to five were the Christmas stories for children that Flavia told in December 2012 and Julia's first published books (see here). The initial great success with these stories motivated Julia to continue writing Flavia's stories!
In each of them Flavia, the mirror walking fairy, tells Anneli, a German girl, a good night story about the adventures of children all around the world on the 24 days until Christmas.
Like an advent calendar, you can read one of them to your child each day until Christmas. They are self-contained.
Flavia's background story:
More than two thousand years ago, there was a young woman who lived as a serving maid in the household of a chieftain in Ireland. Her life was very dull and poor and although she was only twenty-six years old, she knew she wouldn't live much longer, because life in those times was very hard and cruel.
But she was one of the few remaining fae born, who were said to be the first human beings who lived on the island. As a fae born she had magic power and she was possessed by the wish to use her magic to find a way to live forever and see the whole world. In order to achieve her greatest wish, she had to sacrifice something she held dear. So she sacrificed her body and two of her five senses and entered into the world of mirrors. From then on she could travel through all mirrors of the world and see, hear and smell everything that was going on in front of those mirrors. But she could not exit a mirror and take corporeal form again and she could not touch or taste anything.
She didn't regret her sacrifice, because she had gained what she had always wanted. To live forever and travel anywhere on the world, seeing every place that had as much as a reflective surface. In celebration she shed her given name and called herself Flavia, the mirror walking fae.
There is an endless number of stories about the things Flavia experienced. The story how she became the mirror walking fae alone fills a whole book. There are stories about all the places that she saw and about the things she saw there happening. Stories about how she learned to appear to some people in front of those mirrors and to speak with them and how she changed their lives.
The story how she finally came to regret her sacrifice and started looking for a way to exit the mirror world and become a real woman again. The story how she found me and told me many of those stories, so I could write them down for you to read.
Some of those stories are truly frightening and would give an innocent soul nightmares for many nights. Others are full of romance and they made me cry and laugh at the same time. Many of them tell about the amazing places Flavia has seen over the ages and the unparalleled beauty that this wonderful world of ours has to offer to those who have the gift to see it. Others still I have told my godchild as a good night story before she went to bed and she loved them.
It might take me the rest of my life to write them all down, but I will do it, for nothing fills me with more joy than to dive head first into them and thereby relive them myself and capture them on RAM for as long as possible.
So be mindful of what kind of story you read about Flavia. Believe me, there is one for every age and every mood.
Julia B. Kingsley
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