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"The Fenris Clan"

Her first novel written in English from the start is called "The Fenris Clan" and will be published in 2013.

This science-fiction novel is a time thriller about the fight for freedom of thought. In the year 2066 very little of this freedom is left and the united governments of the world are about to abolish what little is left by manipulating all citizens and imposing recognition chips that are implanted into people's brains; for their own security and comfort.
There is only one organisation left that knows what is really going on and that can stop it; the Fenris Clan. However, in order to do that, they need to recruit the only person who can go undetected in a world of complete governmental surveillance, and send her back in time to the year 2015, shortly after the old economies and currencies crashed and a short period of chaos and terror ensued; a future scenario that could be close to reality.
The protagonist of the novel is Jennifer Kent; who doesn't know that she was genetically engineered to change her physiological make-up at will and hence holds the key to go undetected in any time. Jen's very normal life in 2066 is turned upside down and she is made to face an impossible task. She has to trust what she perceives as evil in order to prevent the end of all free thought and confront that which everybody around her views as the ultimate paradise.
Reading extract:
"It puzzles me, that you act as if all of these things happening to you don't rattle you at all. " "How do you expect me to react? Of course it rattles me and of course I realise deep down, that my life will never be the same, that really huge things are happening to me and that they will change me and my future in a fundamental way. But doesn't everybody secretly long to be part of something big, something extraordinary that will be edged forever into the mind in great detail? Why do people do crazy or great things? Why do they grow beyond themselves or sacrifice their dignity or privacy?" she asked, looking at him very seriously but with her heart in her eyes.
He shook his head. "I think there are many people who are even afraid of something that might disrupt their every day routine, the imagined security of their comfy little lives." he said, more for arguments sake, because he did agree with her after all. "Yes, but even they seek to be special in their own way." she said. "They just have a totally different concept of being special than people like us do. For them, it might mean to have the most beautiful garden or the biggest house. It sounds puny to us, but it's always a matter of perspective and you need to respect them nevertheless, even if it feels like they are living in another dimension than us."
"Do I?" he asked. "I have a hard time with that to be honest. It's hard not to look down on them. And you can't compare that to your situation." "Why not?" she asked. "For them, appearing in the local newspaper might be just as big a deal as this is for me. And no matter how much this rattles me, I will not give up the chance to grow beyond my former self, to be part of something big, to broaden my horizon, even if I give up my old life for it." she said and he almost expected her to stomp her foot. He smiled down at her, admiring her courage and the woman she had already grown into in the short time since they had picked her up. "And that is why you are a wolf. Always finding the courage to fight for the right thing, even if you yourself are your enemy, even if you have to let go of old concepts or ideas that served you well in the past, but have no place anymore in your life now."
"That may be, but I believe that everybody should get the chance to be part of something big, something good. This morning I looked into the mirror, and at first I didn't recognise myself. It was like looking at a strange woman, and I thought, wow, she looks so self-assured, so strong and centered. I had to tell myself that it is me and that I have actually arrived at a place inside myself that has so far only been a distant destination. A goal and a dream I couldn't even define properly. I just knew how I would look like and how I would feel once I've arrived there, and I saw it in the mirror this morning and felt it. I felt like having arrived at a very important destination in my life which, at the same time, is a new beginning. It was a thrilling feeling, and if I had a wish, I would wish that every person on that planet could reach that point in their lives some day. "
"The problem with that is, Jen, that in order to get somewhere like you have, you have to move forward. You have to decide which way to go, you have to make hard decisions at every crossroads and overcome obstacles and acquire new skills that get you through the rough patches of the way. You have to stay strong and keep going, even if the road ahead looks impossibly hard and right next to you would be a comfy hotel, offering you to stay and take a rest. And you did all that and you held on to your dream of arriving one day. And I know it cost you a lot of blood and tears, a lot of courage and a very strong will. But not all people have that. They stay in that comfy hotel California forever, planting a garden and using their energy to make themselves believe that that's what they wanted all along. That dreams are only for diluted .... well, dreamers."
Jen looked down for a moment. She realised he was right, and still something inside her tried to rebel against it. "I see that." she said. "But I can still wish for it, can't I? When I first met Emilia, she asked me what I would do if I could do anything I'd like. I didn't know an answer back then, but I know it now. I would try to find a way to enable everybody to reach that point in their lives, to reach... themselves. Their true selves, how they were supposed to be. Their full potential realised." "And how would you do that?" he asked.
She looked up at him again with a rueful smile on her face. "I have no clue. The way there is different for everybody. Maybe it would be enough to make them realise that they have to find their own way and not try to choose one? So many people flock to some faith, some cult or religion, or some specific way of living and expect a leader to show them the way. And that brings them only farther away from their own one." She sighed, realising she had used the phrase 'to flock'. "I guess my wish is impossible then, since sheep will always flock to something. Isn't that what Emilia would say?"
"It is." he said. "But then, who says that there are only a few wolves in sheep's clothing? Maybe all sheep on this world have the potential to throw away the white fur and become wolves and fight for their individuality and their freedom." "Then that should be my wish I guess. The thing I would change. Only I can't change people." "No, but you can make them aware." "Isn't that what Emilia is trying to do with the Fenris Clan?" He just nodded. "Now you understand it. She gave a truly sheepish grin. "Indeed. Now I do."
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