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"The Fenris Clan"
This time thriller could well be our own future!

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"Flavia, the mirror walking Fae"
this time, NOT for children!


Julia values getting feedback, good and critical. She also likes to get into contact with other authors (published or not) and writers who share her love for books.
If you'd like to inquire about film rights, foreign rights, or any type of rights pertaining to the books, please send a mail to agency (at)
If you want to send Anja (Julia's assistant) an email outside of the site, or if you have a question for Julia, you can send it to inquiry (at)
For questions about conferences, tours, and press related things, please send a mail to press (at)
You can email Julia directly to julia (at), as well, but we can't promise you'll get a response. She loves hearing from her fans, but she just gets too much email to respond to everything. She tries to be very in touch, though, and does several chats a year, and has an active blog, twitter and facebook (see below).
Please note that Julia cannot read unpublished manuscripts and she won't give plot or character spoilers. We thank you for understanding!
If someone is harassing you here at the site, please do message Anja so that measures can be taken to suspend/delete the spammer(s).
Thank you!
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We have moved the news, favourite links and the short stories to my blog, so you can choose to subscribe to it and get them automatically.
Just look for the blog category "News!"


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