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This time thriller could well be our own future!

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"Flavia, the mirror walking Fae"
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I welcome you to read my blog, which now features my favourite links, the latest twitter and much more.
The success I had with my Christmas stories has overrun me a little bit, and we found out that it is not very practical to update a website each time something amazing happens. A blog is much easier to update - plus I can do it from anywhere where there is a hotspot! Much more efficient and since I am German, I just can't resist efficiency. I hope you understand.
Your own story!
I strongly believe that there is a writer in each one of us. It all depends on whether you dare to capture an inspirational moment into words. The secret is to start writing while you are still feeling it and not to censor that which appears on the piece of paper or the screen in front of you.
Life has a myriad of special moments in store for you each day, the question is whether you are willing to raise your eyes and see them. And if you do, they are worth writing down.
Tell me your story, your inspiration, your special moment. If we share them among each other, we will make each other's life more magical. Mail your story to me and it might get published on my blog in the category "Fan stories".
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