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"The Fenris Clan"
This time thriller could well be our own future!

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"Flavia, the mirror walking Fae"
this time, NOT for children!

welcome to Julia's web site

"A good piece of writing should be like a wonderful holiday into a country you have never been before. It should touch you deeply in a good way, broaden your horizon and give you new ideas and inspiration."
Julia B. Kingsley, Sept. 2012


The first version of the website and the facebook page are online since the beginning of October 2012 and the latter has gained over 3000 likes in the first 3 months! Wow. Thank you guys!
Due to this fast growth, that is connected with the publication of the Christmas stories, it has become necessary to launch a new website sooner rather than later. This new website is online since the 8th of January 2013 and I hope you like it. We've tried to incorporate your feedback as much as possible. Thank you for that. We have shifted the news and the short stories to my blog, so you can subscribe to it and get them automatically.
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